Advertiser Benefits:

Paid Advertisers of Talk Shoppe receive a substantial value and target market reach for their advertising dollar.  Advertisers will complete a questionnaire that will ensure consistencies in their print advertising, tag line, and target market reach.  The advertising package costs $840 a year/$70/mo  and will be charged to a credit card of choice.  Advertisers are businesses that make the Talk Shoppe networking opportunity “free” to attendees.  In exchange, Advertisers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Print AdvertisingPrint Advertising on the Talk Shoppe bi-monthly flier which informs the public of the upcoming speakers, topics, and events. Advertisers/Supporters commit to distribute these fliers throughout the local marketplace.
  • Website AdvertisingAll Advertisers will have their ad posted on the front page of Talk Shoppe’s Web Page (
  • E-Newsletter- Advertisers will have their ad distributed on the weekly e-newsletters.
  • Social Media Platforms- Advertisers may post a short promotional message monthly on Talk Shoppe’s Facebook page. Submissions must be in writing and sent to Jo Garner at .
  • Talk Shoppe Referral Contest – Talk Shoppe is holding a referral contest that offers a $200 prize! Click here for more details.
  • Exclusive Membership –Talk Shoppe Advertisers will receive membership in the Talk Shoppe Think Tank’s lead-generating co-op.  Think Tank teaches business owners effective use of Social Media, Blogging, and Website Optimization.  Tutorials are taught by Jo Garner, a Graduate of Digital Citizen University, or other eminently qualified instructors.  Think Tank is held every 3rd Wednesday of each month directly following the regular Talk Shoppe meeting unless notice is given of an alternative day.
  • Radio Advertising Each month Advertisers receive a free radio promo on AM 600, WREC & iHeart Radio on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe with Jo Garner (some restrictions apply).
  • Business CoachingTalk Shoppe Advertisers receive a FREE 90 minute 1-on-1 consultation with Focal Point Business Coaching’s Certified Business Coach, Eric Eurich ( ).  Each quarter Eric offers a group business coaching session designed to keep Advertisers on track with their business plan.  These sessions will be an evaluation and accountability designed to aid in achieving each year’s goals.

Note: If any of the above promotional programs are deactivated, Talk Shoppe will offer an equivalent alternative.

Jo Garner (901) 482-0354 /

Peggy Lau (901) 289-0747 /

In order to add value to the advertising packages for Talk Shoppe advertisers, Talk Shoppe’s policy is to have only one representative from each industry to avoid having advertisers from the same industry competing against each other. For example, we would not want two life and casualty insurance agents, but we would allow  a life and casualty insurance agent and an insurance professional selling health insurance plans to both be Talk Shoppe advertisers as long as they promote within the type advertising platform they designate.

Talk Shoppe’s list of industries follows generally with the list of professions and industries listed by Business Network International (BNI) .

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