Who We Are And What We Do

Talk Shoppe (TS) offers a FREE Networking opportunity in a POSITIVE and NON-COMPETITIVE environment. We welcome new members and are open and accepting of any legitimate (lawful) business venue, large or small.

  • Meet people from similar and varying career fields and build professional relationships that will positively impact your long-term objectives and bottom line.
  • We adhere to a structured meeting format which provides each person an opportunity to briefly share about yourself and your business.
  • Increase your knowledge base, hone your business acumen, and broaden your professional resources by attending Talk Shoppe.  We provide a stimulating lineup of educational presentations from experts in their fields.  Many of our presentations qualify as credit for BNI Continued Education Units (CEU).
  • We believe that, in addition to professional development, personal growth is essential to the equation of success.  With that in mind, TS offers uplifting, encouraging, and motivational snippets during Talk Shoppe sessions.  Also, in addition to having educational speakers during the Wednesday sessions, Talk Shoppe often will dedicate a session for breaking into small groups to practice the Mastermind Principle from the book by Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich.
  • Talk Shoppe’s modest operating expenses are offset by the generosity of our Sponsors and Advertisers. In return they receive free advertisement in all our media platforms, additional time to promote their business, monthly Think Tank Sponsor Training and a personalised session with a Professional Business Consultant.  Let us know if sponsorship is of interest to you! For more information about being a part of the Talk Shoppe Advertising Team go to:  http://talkshoppe.com/advertising-2/.

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