Talk Shoppe was founded in 2003 in a coffee shop in Germantown, Tennessee. It quickly outgrew the coffee shop and we are still serving the business community.

Our mission is to offer free education and networking to anyone interested in business, real estate or health and wellness. Our platform encompasses a wide variety of advertising options offered to business owners and professionals at below market costs.

We also work with charities to raise monies for families with children.

We encourage you to join us each Wednesday to share information and connect with people. 9-10am CST

Company Size includes advertisers and weekly event attendees. Talk Shoppe events are in-person and virtual.  See the zoom link below.


Wednesdays 9A-10A

Concorde Career College at the Clark Tower 5100 Poplar Ave 1st floor Memphis.And virtually on Zoom at https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5087794464

Feel free to join us at 9AM CST!